Ashley Trimmell

person outside

research program manager

ASH-lee Trim-uhl

Ashley was born and raised in East Central Illinois. She received her B.S. in Tourism Management (Special Events) from the University of Illinois in 2004. After several years working in marketing, public relations and continuing education for the healthcare industry, she returned to UIUC in 2008. Ashley has been working as the main point of contact for Prof. Moore's research group, as well as the Autonomous Materials Systems group at Beckman Institute since 2010. 

Undergraduate Students


  • Astarte Abbott (Brittany)
  • Mya Berkey (Jacob)
  • Valerie Chen (Zhenchuang)
  • Mary Choy (Ben)
  • Drew Hollyfield (Jian)
  • Parmeet Kaur (Jacob)
  • Abbie Kim (Jacob)
  • Ved Nair (Zhenchuang)
  • Henry Wang (Ben)
  • Kecheng Wang (Yunyan)